Our Happy Clients

Our mission is to deliver 10X results and ROI to our clients, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s our client reviews:

Emily Fisher​

I started this course as a lost, un-driven network marketer. I wasn’t seeing any results in my business & decided to take the risk of joining this course in hopes of fulfilling my dreams of escaping the 9-5 lifestyle. As soon as I joined the course I could feel the excitement, dedication, & passion that Julian has for his clients & most importantly… their success. He has never lacked in value & never will. He has launched what I would like to believe, the best course in the universe, & as Steve Jobs once said, “I want to make a dent in the universe” Julian has achieved that status. I have officially molded into an entirely new, more confident, driven & purposeful business owner because of this course, and for that I am forever grateful.

Jason Shiigi​

I wake up every day out of bed knowing that what I am striving for is something I can build on every single day. It feels good knowing that a little bit of work everyday can make a world of difference. This course has all the tools you need to help guide your success!

Jazmyne Kellet​

After the first few videos of Julians training, I knew it was so much more than your average course.  I’ve done many courses from universities and other learning platforms in hopes of starting my online career, but as you probably can guess, they didn’t lead anywhere.  They were always lacking the information and mentorship I needed to be successful. Julians course does it all, and more.  It’s a mentorship, a community new friends, and skills training all wrapped into one beautifully laid out platform.  It teaches you so many valuable skills for life in general, like how to change the way you think, how to use your brain in the most productive way possible and how to avoid common pitfalls of your own mind as you continue your journey to success.

Amanda Donaghy​

The level of support from the members of the community as well as Julian, Jenny and the rest of the team is amazing. I’m practicing a skill that I didn’t know I could learn this quickly and I feel incredibly empowered by the the momentum I’m seeing.

Jakob Hohmann​

The course that Julian and his team build is absolutely amazing! When I joined the course I knew that it was the right decision, the whole program is built to get you from zero experience in business to a pro entrepreneur. I recommend it to everyone who wants more in life!

Miguel Meija​

Julian and his team really care about the success of their students and will make sure you are able to escape working a 9-5 job. Julian even goes as far as guaranteeing your money back if you don’t get results in his course.

Amanda DiGiammarino​

Julian’s guidance and voice is the thing every early stage entrepreneur is missing!! It’s clear Julian has put in the work to make this program everything it can be. I am so blessed to have found this opportunity because I am feeling so much more confident and calmer about what it takes to be successful in business. Each video and meeting I’ve attended has provided more value than I could have found on the internet or taking any other course. I would confidently recommend this course to anyone just beginning their entrepreneurial journey. This one is a no brainer.

Miguel Ferrer​

I’ve been in the team for almost 10 months and it’s been an impressive program, and most importantly, a life changer.

Nabi Azizi​

I just joined BUT I can tell this is one of the greatest thing that ever happened to my life, people i’ve met in here in the community are already landing 5K to 8K clients, which means I’m in the right place!

Trishana Tuyet Pham​

Julian and Jenny work so so hard to make this program work, with consistent weekly calls that you can tell they are engaged in. I definitely recommend this course if you are willing to put in the hard work to get you to success.

Princeton Hardy​

As a small-time entrepreneur before signing up for this course, I learned a lot. At first I was skeptical of course but after seeing the success that people were getting reeled me in. Julian gives you all the tools you need. It’s not the kind of course that gives you the material and saids “good luck” after completing it. There’s an actual community of others who are there to help you when you need it.

Travis Dahl​

I have been developing a strong eye for, not only good looking, but well designed funnels, websites, and landing pages. It’s amazing to look at the landscape of web design and realize how much help the market really needs help! The CT program will get you to the point where you can offer real and desperately needed value.

Kyle Sun​

Before Creator’s Training, I was lost and confused about my career. Funnel Designer gave me the exact tools, map, and community to push myself in the direction I need to go in. Trust me when I say the community is worth the investment alone! Every single call adds up and before you know it you’ll be landing your dream clients left and right.

Andrea Artés​

I signed up for this course some moths ago and it’s been life changing! It’s given me the freedom of working from anywhere in the world. It really teaches you all the skills that you need to be successful not just doing funnel design, also landing clients, doing sales calls, having a ‘winners’ mindset, plus a community filled with people doing the same things as you, where we all support each other! Definitely worth the investment!

Juliana Vieira​

This is really really good quality. I am very impressed with how professionally put together the course is and the depth of the content given. I am learning so many things that will be valuable not only in business but also in my personal life! I definitely recommend it to anyone that wants a life changing opportunity :)

Isabella Forbes

This course is a complete game changer, it provides everything you need, like literally everything!! I was a complete noob to all of this and really didn’t think I would be able to pick it up that easily, but I was so wrong. The content in the course was done so well, anybody could become a pro after taking it!

Nate Wehner

Would pay for this course again. Julian created a course that cannot be replicated. He not only gave me skills I never thought I would have but he was able to turn someone who never thought they were an artist into someone capable of creating beautiful funnels. It turns a complicated process into an easy one. 

Kayla Traylor

My experience with this course has been life changing!! I don’t regret the decision I made to get started with this one bit! Julian and his team of coaches are absolutely amazing in helping everyone sharpen their skills to create QUALITY work! The community we have is full of the most supportive and driven people that keep you up and thriving! This field we are in is growing and I’m so happy to be a part of it!

Ashley McIntosh

Everything about the course has gone beyond my expectations. The team genuinely cares about each individual’s progress and allows space to accomplish goals in the way that works best for us. I am very excited to continue to learn more and use the skills in the course to build a far better future for myself. This has been a massive opportunity to work at, but have fun with too.

Zoe Townsend

The best bonus is the team that’s always there for us whenever we need help, they motivate us, cheer us, and make sure we reached our goals! I also LOVE Jenny she helps a lot people as do Julian. I’m so glad I met them. Once I got into training it has been motivate me to push myself and change my future!

Antonio Peralta

I was hesitant at first but yes this training is absolutely worth it! It’s everything it promises and more. As long as you take action, stay consistent and do all the training as well as follow the mentors guidance you will become successful. I would recommend this to anyone looking to level up their life.

Sarah Latell

I wasn’t sure about this course at the beginning since making an investment on yourself can be a tough decision. But I am so glad I did! Creators Training has helped me to develop many skills that would’ve taken me years to do on my own!

Lauren Milus

Definitely a course that teaches you a useful new skill. They set a good foundation and provide you with some really good tools to help you progress. It requires a lot of action on your end, which helps you learn a lot! It always requires discipline and making sure you put the time and effort in. The weekly calls with the coaches are super helpful, you can ask all kinds of questions and learn new things from others in the course as well! 

Charlotte Turnbull

So far this experience has in every way exceeded my expectations! Stand out features would be the engagement of the community, the assignment of a personal coach, regular coaching calls and the awesome content itself. The videos and modules themselves are to the point, engaging and informative. And finally Julian himself is brilliant – you can tell how much he genuinely cares about the success you will achieve through this course and invests into constantly improving the program and giving the best experience possible!

Cameron Waters

The entire team wants you to succeed and is there to support you the entire way through. The best part of all of this is getting access to a community of other people that want to succeed and are going through the exact same process as you. 

Wyatt Thacker

This is one of the most tailored business courses I have found on the market. The skills are obviously important, but Julian has found a way to make them even more directly applicable to a business world. A word of caution: this isn’t for the faint-hearted. There is a lot of work involved, not to mention time. However, for those who are serious about getting into business, this course will be THE fastest way to get there.

DeLyssa Allen

Honestly, I was hesitant to make the financial commitment in the beginning, but I’m so glad I did. We figured out something that worked for me. Once I got into the course, there was a great deal of really quality content. The course is very in-depth and goes through every single aspect of the the business. It is also very hands on. I love the community, however, most of all. I’ve met a lot of great people in the group and they want to see everyone succeed. The support is unparalleled. Julian truly did/is doing an amazing thing with this course. He is always updating and improving the course and the community. What he teaches you are high value skills that you can use not just doing this but the skills can be applied to any other business as well. I’m excited to continue on in course!!!

Philip Laxamana

This is the first time I ever learned about sales funnels and the psychology behind what makes a sale. I’m thoroughly impressed with the course and how much technical and business knowledge they teach you. I’m still progressing through it and can’t wait to start my outreach!

Working with Julian and the team has by far been the best experience. The love for their business, training and their team really shows! Not a day goes by that I regret taking this opportunity. 100/10 recommend to anyone that comes to finding an interest in this training!

Abigail Hinds

After just one month, it’s completely unlocked a new level of drive I have for life and succeeding in ways I never dreamed possible! The team and community is so incredibly welcoming and supportive. The coaches go above and beyond to not only help out when I get stuck on something, but to also make sure I’m staying accountable to my goals and in the right mindset throughout this course. If you’re looking to learn a new skill, I highly recommend this course!

Gracie Enriquez

To anyone interested in this program. Just do it! You will not regret it. I have only been here for a week and I can see the change it has had on me. With the simple step by step guidance that Julian and his team provided. To the fantastic community that you are apart of. Nothing better than changing you life for the better. You want to push yourself further this is the place to be. GO GET IT!

Dexter Vinson

The first thing I noticed about Creators Training program was the community of like minded individuals that have already been through the program, or is going through the program with you. Everyone is very eager to help each other. Plus the amount of motivation people give you after you hit a milestone is so fulfilling, and it makes you want to grind to hit the next milestone.

Eliot Koerner

Yooo! Julian’s the man, and he’s got a KILLER team! This has been a fantastic course, and everything aside, really next level on mindset coaching, taking responsibility (and action!), and in-depth knowledge into sales. If you’re willing to put the work in, and invest in yourself in the unconventional college route this will teach you more than you can imagine 💥

Daniel Glinksi

Jonah Alexander

I loved Creators Training; Julian was probably one of the best mentors i’ve ever had. Anytime I had a question or concern, he was resourceful and creative in response. You’ll never have a problem under his training, and you’ll learn a lot during this program.

Trenton Bird​

I have purchased so many online courses in the past. However, I haven’t found a single one that’s as in-depth and thorough as Julian’s. Creator’s Training delivered, and WITHOUT any fluff. Every second of every video provided valuable information and I never felt like any of it was wasting my time. If you are looking for an opportunity to change your life, Creators Training can definitely provide you with the tools to make it happen.

Raul Bailon​

I came looking for copper and I found Gold. Julian cares about his students and associates. I came looking for a mentor, strategies, and skills to help me get to my ideal entrepreneurship life. What I found was that, PLUS a community full of like-minded individuals from all around the world (even Spain like myself), tons of support from them, inspiration, and a way more profound mindset growth than I would have ever expected. Overall a solid 11/10 (the Notion template is too much to be real haha)

Kadynce Krank​

I have been looking for an opportunity like this for a long time…. Right out the gate from the initial meeting I could see a vast improvement in the professionally of this company, and I am glad I pulled the trigger. The education goes step by step on what you need to do to be successful. With in a month someone at work overheard me talking about this new endeavor of mine and wanted to hire me. Julian promised me a high value opportunity and delivered on it. 

Danee Hall Sisson​

It has only been a couple weeks and I have had a few clients! I am so grateful I found a team to push me, an outlet to be creative, and an opportunity to have my own profitable business!

Matthius Fabella​

When I first heard about the program. I decided to take the plunge, and I was not disappointed. Honestly this course changed my life!

Sydney Roberts​

I have taken a few online courses in the past but nothing compares to this one! Julian makes the content very easy to digest and apply. I also really love the community aspect. Having access to this global community of like minded people is what really sets this course apart. Cannot wait to see my progress and get to know everyone better. Thank you, Julian!!

Janaye Charles​

It took me about a week to join Creators Training. In that time I was a bit skeptical and researched the company as if I was searching for gold. I’m extremely happy I took the leap – the training is beyond what I thought and the community is second to none. What I really appreciate the most are the space and growth in the weekly meetings and the communication with Julian and the community. Everyone is rooting for you, building connections within the community, and working together! 

Inna Timofeyeva​