Do You want to get a downpour of clients & customers Using Facebook Ads?

Here's how I create video ads that convert views into clicks & purchases without fail. Every. Single. Time.

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You don't have to be a creative genius.

And you don’t have to spend HOURS of your time working on ” just one idea” anymore.

You don’t even need any previous experience, knowledge, or expertise to create these High-Converting Ads.

In fact, I’ll tell you exactly what to write and where to place it.

Even if you think you can’t create high-converting ads yourself. You can do this.

The problem is that if you’re running ads online right now, and you’re struggling to make sales. 

You have one of these two issues:

One: Your product or service sucks.

Two: Your message is failing to cut through to your audience.

Now… if your product or service sucks, I’ll kindly ask you to leave this page (and I’ll pretend I didn’t see anything).

However… I’m guessing that’s not you.

You’re here because you KNOW you have an amazing product, service, or offer that can help thousands of people… 

But, people just aren’t paying attention.

You’re probably:

BURNING cash right now on ads that don’t work.

or you already completely gave up on ads a long time ago.


Yet for some reason... You're here. Reading this page. Thinking about ads.

You’re thinking of giving it another chance because you know it works for others just like you.

So it should work for you too.

You just need to do something differently.

If that’s you…

Then you’re probably facing issue number two:

Your message just isn’t cutting through to your audience. 

(It’s one of the biggest problem business owners & entrepreneurs face).

They work hard on their message, come up with a great headline, put together a great video, but the majority of people just don’t get it…

The worst part is…

You’ve spent thousands of hours crafting, your offer, your service, and your message already.

You know what you have to offer, and you know exactly how to offer it.

But, no matter how many ads you make, youtube tutorials you watch, or competitor ads you dissect…

Nobody even bats an eye at you

So now how do we fix it?

We need to create a process that turns viewers into to visitors…

And visitors into… “here’s my credit card”.

It sounds simple, but there’s a strict process to doing this right.

A process that’s easy to get wrong.

You see… creating ads that convert, is so much more than just being able to “write well”.

You have to use psychology and persuasion to really get the attention you deserve.


Hey, my name is
Julian Alexander

The problem is that it’s nearly impossible to learn this stuff from a book.

When I first started in the industry I went through a lot of sales books trying to learn how to write persuasive ads.

I read the copywriting books, took copywriting courses… listened to the copywriting gurus.

And as it turned out, the ads I created where I was just winging it.

They were the ones that always sold the most.

These ads were the ones that just “came from my gut”… 

And they were the ones that generated the most sales.

And it was because I wrote from my emotions.

These ads broke so many rules, but also resonated deeply with my audience….

They couldn’t resist clicking on my ad to see what I had to offer!

The result was thousands of sales, countless happy clients, and a whole new genre of ads being created.

This advertising style was soon being copied by people all over the world (because of how effective it was).

I found copies of my infamous “phone call” ad in the US, Germany, France, and many more countries…

These Ads single handedly led my business to take a dramatic turn.

Every single week, my calendar was PACKED with appointments…

I was getting hundreds of notifications per days for new orders coming…

And my DM’s were BLOWING UP with people who wanted to learn more.

Almost instantly my desperate need for clients disappeared.

It was almost as if overnight…

This ONE ad opened an unstoppable floodgate of clients, customers, and appointments for my business.

I had to pinch myself every day to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

It felt surreal.

Imagine suddenly never having to worry about getting more clients…

Or never having to deal with a shitty client, just because you needed the money…

Those were real pains, I had experienced for a long time.

Problems that all vanished, almost instantly.

Now I was faced with a new problem. 

A good one.

I had to start learning how to work with this overwhelming number of clients, customers, questions, and requests…

But, I couldn’t help myself…

I wanted to grow my business FAST (and this ad was WORKING).

I quickly went from spending $50 per day, to $200 per day, to $500 per day, and then $1,000 per day in less than a few weeks time.

I was tripling my money every single day…

The best part is I was getting a consistent ROI everyday with consistency & predictability down to the dollar and cent.

Now I know what you’re probably wondering.

What the heck did he do to get there? (don’t worry, we’ll get to that)

First, let’s talk about what I didn’t do.

I didn’t spend days in “creative genius” mode trying to come up with a masterpiece (instead, I just followed a strict step-by-step framework). 

I didn’t hire any pro’s to write, film, or edit my ads (I just shot them on my iPhone, threw the clips in iMovie, and they were ready to go!)

Because while some of these things might work for “big ad agencies” with “huge budgets”…

This is exactly what ruins any chance of effective marketing success for people like me and you.

Now, let's back up for a second....

How does any of this help YOU?

Well this story is about 4 years old.

Since then my business has continued to grow, my ads have continued to work, and more people have continued to ask me about my creative process.

& more importantly… 

Since then I have created multiple tried, tested, and proven frameworks to launch winning ads – every single time.

If you’re like me, you value your time & you just can’t spend hours or days coming up with a creative masterpiece.

You need a reliable, easy-to-use framework that you can use to:

Spit out high-converting ads in less than 30 minutes

Which is EXACTLY why I created the “Video Ad Framework”.

A framework that I use to create high-converting ads like clockwork.

You see… 

When you’re first starting to advertise online… 

It’s not easy to create proven “frameworks” to use for all your promo’s.

But, it’s such an important piece for ANY business to have.

Well… at least, if you don’t have a creative genius on your team…

Or if you want to avoid wasting dozens of hours just to come up with ONE good ad…

The good news for you

The good news for you is that if you don’t have to do that.

For the first time ever…

I’m revealing everything I’ve learning creating, testing, and scaling highly-profitable video ads online.


The Rapid Video Ads Framework

Your roadmap to creating profitable video ads quickly and efficiently, every single time.

Follow 8+ proven frameworks

Write high-converting ads in 30 minutes

Increase your CTR by up to %200

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Video Ads Framework is designed to help you 

Launch profitable video ads, on time, every time: There’s no need to stress about “coming up with ideas”.

We give you the ideas, templates, and frameworks to write high converting video ads in 30 minutes.

Save time & energy to focus on more important tasks: Finding the brain-power to come up with new ad ideas, and then write high-converting ads from scratch is hard.

My goal is to make that easy by using a “5 step framework” that simplifies the ad creation process.

Ad conversion optimization: You’ll learn how to use “psychological triggers” to hook your viewers in the first 5 seconds to get them drooling over your offer.

Wondering what's inside?

Here's a sneak peak of what you'll get inside the program:


Get Clarity On Your Audience


  • You can’t craft a good message without knowing who you’re speaking to.
  • My “Clarity Questionnaire” helps you get crystal clear on your market.


Crafting Your Message


  • Once you’ve clarified your market in module 1, it’s time to craft your message.
  • Learn the counter-intuitive approach to pitching (and how shorter pitches often workbetter than longer ones!).


Top 6 Ad Frameworks


  • Instead of trying to come up with “big ideas” for your ads, in this module you get 6 big idea frameworks that work for every business.
  • You’ll be able to “copy & paste” my highest converting ads, while still creating genuine & original ads for your brand.


Universal Framework For High Converting Ads


  • Want to get more creative with your ads? Sure, but make sure you follow this framework!
  • After creating you 6+ high converting ads using my frameworks, I want to show you how to create your own using my “universal framework”.

step by step checklists to perfection

The Notion Roadmap

What if you could have a step by step roadmap to completing your vieo ad goals (created by an organization genius).

A roadmap that will bring you to having the BEST ads on the internet?

That’s what you get inside the notion roadmap.

Every step, checklist, action item, template, and resource in one clean & organized place.

This roadmap alone will save you from wasting weeks of time, and countless hours of stress by giving you the clarity you need to accomplish your goals from A to Z.


Here's A Taste Of What You Get In The Roadmap

Clarity Questionnaire

A quick way for you to gain clarity on your audiences pain, so that you can craft an effective message

Message Crafting Laws

Get our copy & paste template for crafting killer messages that cut through the noise.

The Explainer Sandwich Ad

A simple, but effective ad formula you can film with your iPhone

The Battle Ad

A simple ad formula that helps you stand apart from the competition.

The Client Experience Ad

An high-converting video ad formula that doesn’t even require you to get in front of the camera

Universal Ad Formula

A universal formula that enables you to be creative, yet effective with all your future ads.

Are you finally ready to create killer online ads?


Check Out The Results
Our Clients Are Getting

They’re people just like you who were so happy with the results they’ve received while working with us, that they give us feedback and filmed a testimonial.

It takes a heck of a product to inspire that kind of openness and cooperation. 

See it for yourself…

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Why Most Paid Ads FAIL To Bring in New Clients, Customers, and Leads...

After running my own ads for years (and watching thousands of clients launch their own ads over the years).

I have literally seen thousands of Ads, all kinds of strategies, and various formulas at this point.

What this has done is – it’s put me in a unique position where I see exactly what’s working, and what isn’t working these days.

An amount of clarity that has made it so obvious to me why everyone fails to create successful video ads.

It’s because they all still do things “the old way”

They create unique concepts from scratch every time (this is super unreliable and inconsistent).

They don’t use a proven formula to write their scripts (which makes it hard to create content consistently).

They spend so much time & energy creating ONE ad… that they’re too tired, burned out, and short of time to create SEVERAL more high-converting ads for maximum performance

(creating successful ads is all about testing, variation, and speed).

Basically, they’re slow, unpredictable, and inconsistent with their video ads.

It’s a recipe for disaster.


This Puts All The
Pressure On You!

As a result, of failing to follow these rules, you get lazy in an effort to just get your ads out there a QUICKLY as possible.

What you get is:

Crappy ads, that don’t convert

Lazy ads that look horrible for your brand

Ads that scream INCOMING PITCH from a mile away.

To make things worse you’re now spending money on ads that just don’t work… 

$100 here

$500 there

And you’re still not getting any results.

At this point your head is spinning… 

You’re working your ass off.

You know you have a good offer, but you’re spinning your wheels…

Not only is this exhausting, but it repels the exact clients you’re trying to go after.

But, that’s what makes this strategy so exciting!

Because you’re following a highly “process-based formula”, you’ll always know:

Exactly what to write.

How to write it.

What to write about.

You end up being able to create dozens of variants without felling like you’re rushing things, or being pressured…

Resulting in better ads, that don’t push away the exact clients you’re trying to attract.

And 10 times more variants to test with on facebook, so that you’re never stuck putting all your eggs in one basket.

And what if this one ad doesn’t work? 

Who cares. 

You’ve got 14 more ready to rock.


So how does this work?

It’s simple, creating effective ads comes down to 3 major laws.




You use psychology to “short circuit” the human brain and get people hooked instantly.

Once they’re hooked and paying close attention, you get your “Why” message across (building belief in your brand, product, and vision).

And lastly, you handle objections so that they’re left speechless & with no logical option other than to check out what you have to offer!

Now, I’m sure you already knew a few of these laws.

But, it’s so much easier said that done… right?

Well, that’s where the good news comes in.

My framework makes these steps easier to implement than ever before, by giving you:

Hooks that take advantage of human psychology to get them to pay attention

Formulas that get your message across clean & clear.

Sharing the one way to handle objections MOST effectively (and no it’s not by using using facts, or using examples).

This way, by the time you are done…

You have a high converting video ad that hooks viewers, handles objections, and get’s your important message across loud & clear!

The BEST PART about this entire framework is that this works for ANY industry, niche, and business,

because you won’t just be “parroting” the same exact words that work for in my ads (although you’re welcome to try it).

What I do instead, is I teach you a clearly defined framework, that results in video ads that are original to you and your brand!

Helping you become the master ad creator that you deserve to be.

The worst thing in marketing is copying someone else’s work, praying that it will work for you, without understanding the fundamentals behind WHY it works.


It Couldn't Be Any More Simple Than This

Because you’re following a proven framework for high converting ads… specifically designed to hook, engage, and motivate viewers to take action.

You’ll have dozens of high-converting video ads ready to go in as little as a few days…

And because you have so many variants, such a bulletproof structure, and such an effective way to do it all in a short amount of time…

In less than 5 days you could finally be running, growing, and scaling your business with videos ads.

Just like I did with my business the first time I had that “one ad” that took off, which taught me the fundamentals I’m teaching you here. 

4.8 / 5

So what are you waiting for?

The offer isn’t going to get any cheaper, facebook ads aren’t going to get any cheaper, and your business isn’t going to magically fix itself – unless you start doing something about it.

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