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My name is Elias Lugo, I’m sure you can see that. I’m 18 years old trying to make a change for myself. I know I may not get the respect I deserve sometimes but that won’t change my course of action. I’m going to break through obstacles no matter how hard or intimidating. I’m here for a reason, as you all. Bear with me. I know I may mistakes as us all, But i’m here to learn and i’m open to ideas and open to advice or some may call it; Constructive Criticism. I may have times where I may not agree with others or just may have a hard time getting through an obstacle in my path, but i’m very excited to try my best. One thing is for sure, I won’t lie about my feelings. I stay true to myself and others. I would say that’s much how I got here. So thank you for reading this I hope we can work together as a team to spread knowledge and good morale.


Tampa, Florida