Audra Bear: Breathwork Coach Making $15k/mo in 60 Days

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This is a story about Audra.

A breathwork coach from Los Angeles, California that was able to turn her breathwork “side gig” and passion into a full-time $15k/mo business.

When we first started working together, Audra was doing what most Yogi’s, Breathwork coaches, and class teachers do…

Renting out a studio, charging $25 for a class, and then trying to fill it with as many people as possible.

Unfortunately, trying to make any money like this is virtually impossible if you’re not hosting sold-out workshops from 9-5 every single day…

Which is a nightmare in itself.

So what we did instead, was take Audra’s skill & passion for breathwork…

And turn it into a HIGH TICKET package.

Not “single classes”…

Not “one-on-one” sessions billed by the hour…


Instead we dug deep to figure out what her clients really wanted.

What the end goal was that they were hoping to achieve…

Was it weight loss? mindfulness?  energy?

Why were people so motivated to try breath-work?

Once we figured this out, we turned her “breathwork classes” into a highly valuable solution.

A full package service that would take clients for 6 weeks through a transformational process, that would help them kick unhealthy habits, food cravings, and increase focus and energy.

THIS was what clients really wanted.

And THIS is how we turned Audra’s $25 group breathwork classes…

Into a full blown “online training” program clients were happy to pay $2,000+ for…

And the best part was that Audra could do all of this from the comfort of her own home.

No more stressing about hosting massive workshops.

No more worrying about business getting shutdown because of lockdown restrictions.

And no more worrying about “how to pay the bills”.

After working together, I’m super happy to say Audra followed the process & reaped the rewards.

Nothing makes me more happy to see such a dedicated, creative, and inspiring human like Audra learn the “business skills” I’ve been able to help her with…

And use that turn her passion into a business that’s on the road to 6+ figures this year…

Completely elimiating all of her worries about “how to make this happen” and turning her dreams of getting paid to do what she loves… into a reality!

Keep crushing it Audra. It’s been awesome working together so far, and I’m excited to see us push this even further!




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