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Industry-leading growth hacking, marketing, and Linkedin Influencer services to 10x your brand growth.


Creators training is your team of sales, marketing, and design pro’s that have higher standards in their work than you do with your future wife

Funnels Strategy

Paid Advertising

Paid ads, and pain in the ass. It rhymes? How ironic… either way, we’ll get rid of the pain for you!

Funnel Design

Brand Design

Does your website look like the 90% of other scammy looking funnels online? You know how bat it look, and luckily we can help.


Sales Pages

Once we design you a badass website, we need to make sure it grabs your readers by the eyeballs and sucks them in.

Organic Marketing

Ever post an instagram story and get 10 clients? I thought so. There’s nothing better like it, and we’ll show you the way!

Instant Trust

A better looking brand builds instant trust with your website visitors. After all, it is your first impression (and sometimes only impression).

Email Copy

The question is… how do we get these people to your website? Ad with some baddass ad copy!

Offer Creation

Are people lined up down the street begging you for your offer? If not, it’s not good enough. Let us help you create an offer people truly want.

Perceived Value

Having a badass looking brand makes people feel like you are “the one”. And therefore the one people will pick when they make the next steps!

Ad Copy

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Leilani Shells

Jenny Hansen


Leilani Shells

Jenny Hansen


Leilani Shells

Jenny Hansen


Leilani Shells

Jenny Hansen


Leilani Shells

Jenny Hansen


Leilani Shells

Our Growth Hacking System.


Killer Offers

After selling millions of dollars of our own offers & helping dozens of clients launch their first six-figure offers. We’ve got this down to a science.


Impactful Branding

Have you ever seen a competitors brand and said “Ewwww”? Yeah me too. Your brand is your perception. Let’s make it look like a million bucks!


Traffic Matrix

Facebook ads not converting? Organic posts not working? Going crazy? The truth is this is a symptom of a much deeper problem, and we can help you fix it


Savage Sales

The days of launching a crappy funnel and making a million bucks are over. Today we have competition, and building a savage sales team is the key to success

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With 5 years of experience creating offers from scratch, building complex marketing funnels, designing striking brands, building and training sales teams, and earning millions of dollars in the process. There’s nothing we can’t help you with in the online-biz space!